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Concerned about safety and quality? So are we!

All of Element CBD products are manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Every batch has a Certificate of Analysis available on our website.

Element CBD Co.

Element CBD Company offers trustworthy and effective holistic solutions

for your health problems.


How We Can Help You

Do you suffer from chronic pain?  Are you feeling anxious and stressed? 


No matter what health issues you are dealing with right now, we are 100% committed to improving your well-being. With a holistic approach and total dedication to maintaining high-quality standards, we produce top-notch products that make a positive impact on your health.  Our products include CBD oils and creams that have the power to alleviate many different health problems.


The diverse community we serve is comprised of numerous individuals, and each one has specific, unique needs.  Our CBD oils and creams have been created to meet those various needs.

So, no matter who you are, we can help you take back your health and enjoy life again!


What You Can Expect from Us

We are a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping our customers achieve better health.   We attain that goal by providing holistic products that are both safe and effective. We go the extra mile to win your trust.  Each one of our CBD creams and oils is manufactured in an FDA regulated facility located in San Diego, California.


On top of that, we conduct third-party lab testing.  You can view each product’s Certificate of Analysis right on our website.  We have included a certificate for each batch. This complete transparency proves our integrity and willingness to do whatever it takes to produce reliable products that actually work. 


Why do we make that extra effort?  Because your health is our top priority.  And that’s also why we welcome your feedback. Hearing from our customers keeps us in the loop, making us aware of what they really need.  This awareness makes it possible for us to continue meeting those needs.       


Your First Step Towards Better Health

Are you ready to improve your health?  Do you want to enjoy your life again? Then you need to check out our CBD creams and oils! After finding and trying the product that best meets your needs, be sure to let us know how it helped you.  


We are so excited to support your journey to better health and increased happiness! 



Fantastic. CBD oil helps me a lot. I suffer from bad temperament and depression. I tested a few different products and eventually found the right one for me. Thanks for the help.

John P

San Diego


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